I’m a dad, a gamer and an all-around geek.  Minus all the book smarts and marketable skills you normally associate with geeks, that is; but hey, I’ve got everything else!

Above all however, I’m a Catholic, and have been since before I was born.  I’m also a product of Catholic schooling.  In my case, that means I learned a decent bit about my faith, but unfortunately I didn’t learn just how incredibly much I really still needed to learn.  I’m in the midst of trying to remedy that.

As a man whose life has been shaped by all manner of digital gadgetry, said devices tend to influence what I write, how I think and how I spend (or waste, depending) my time.  This primarily being a Catholic blog, I shall post most frequently on topics such as Morality, Catholic Homeschooling, Embracing the Faith, Biblical Study, and the like; however, you can also expect the occasional entry on video games and iPad apps.  I might even post the odd entry here and there which at first (and perhaps second) glance appears to be completely out of place.  I do promise to make at least some effort to frame even the most tangential posts as relevant.  When that fails, I’ll just shoehorn ‘em in.

I’ll try to keep things light.  Most of the time I won’t have to try too hard.  I’ll occasionally get serious as well, but I’ll try not to make a habit of it.

Scattered throughout my entries you’ll find various “confessions.”  Not any whoppers, mind you — those are reserved for the confessional.  However, if you notice an iConfiteor: anywhere on this blog, chances are something odd, embarrassing, or silly follows.  If you’d like, feel free to join in on the fun with your own iConfiteors in the Comments section.

Finally, if you like what I have to say but think I take far too long to say it, feel free to follow me on Twitter.  If you tire of my words altogether and just want to look at pictures, you might be interested in my Flickr photostream.

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